Allay Pharma (Private) Ltd.

Poultry & Animal Health Care Products

An emerging National Nutraceutical factory having International Standards

G.T Rd. Sadhoki, Gujranwala
Phone: 03456888305

In the year 1984 we started our nutraceutical production business and produced human Nutraceutical products. In our research labs, qualified pharmacists team having deep study of medicinal herbs, used selected herbs to obtain extracts thereof under strict scientific procedures. we preserved these aqueous extracts with modern GMP pharmaceutical techniques to make palatable Oral Liquids, Suspensions etc.  In addition effective Antibacterial and Antifungal skin Powders, Creams and Emulsions were also produced to treat skin disorders.

We marketed these products in attractive packing alongwith introductory inserts for the physicians. These branded products soon won the confidence of the physicians on account of their good healing quality. In the year 2011 we diverted our modern pharmaceutical skills to manufacture health care products for Livestock and Poultry industry. we maintained our Q.C (Quality Control) techniques in manufacturing these products. Both oral powders and liquids  were developed for the treatment and prevention of common disorders of animals and birds, most often caused due to unhygenic conditions, unbalanced feed and environmental stresses.

We received promising feedback from farmers who used these products with success, as the mortality of their stock dropped and net profit increased.

In view of increased demand of Nutraceuticals from Livestock and Poultry farmers, we built a modern Nutraceutical production factory as per requirements and permission of Drug Regulatory Authority Of Pakistan ( DRAP) under the DRAP Act 2012.

In this state of the art Nutraceutical manufacturing unit, qualified pharmacists are performing their duties in Q.C lab and production departments.

Thank GOD we have an access to highly qualified doctors and food chemists having long experience in making stable products that can withstand our climate conditions.